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Project - Pontshaen 

The house in Pontashen was newly built and was insulated and draught proofed to a very high standard. The original design incorporated under floor heating on the ground floor, mechanical heat recovery system and a 500 litre heat store powered by a log burner situated in the living room. However, it transpired that the log burner was not producing sufficient heat to keep the heat store at the required temperature plus the fact that the fire was lit infrequently especially in warmer weather and there was no other heat source besides an immersion heater leaving the house with no heat or hot water most of the time. 

We were asked to design and supply a second heat source which will maintain the heat store at 60O at all times. We recommended a high temperature 9kW air source heat pump with a 200 litre buffer tank. A temperature differential controller was installed between the buffer tank and the heat store. Temperatures in the buffer and heat store are monitored and a pump activated when the difference between the buffer and heat store is greater than 1o and switched off when the heat store reached the preset temperature of 60o. The system performed as designed and we have a satisfied client. 


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Tel : 01545580007 Mob: 07776364841