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Air Source Heat Pumps 

Air Source Heat Pumps work by collecting latent heat from the air and converting it into higher temperatures by compression and use it for space and water heating. Typically, the coefficient of performance (COP) is about 4 which mean that for every 1kw of electricity input, the heat output will be4kw. 

What are the advantages? 

  • Will save you on fuel bills, especially when compared to conventional electric heating or fossil fuel boilers where mains gas supply is not available. Depending on the type of heating system you are replacing, a heat pump could save you between £395 and £2000 per year (according to Energy Saving Trust). 
  • Will provide you with an income through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. DECC provides an online calculator for you to estimate your payments based on the latest rates. 
  • An environmentally friendly technology with low carbon emissions. 
  • Contrary to common belief, a properly designed and installed Heat Pump system will provide full heating and hot water requirements at an external temperature of as low as -20˚C. 
  • Works on mains electricity – no need for fuel deliveries. 
  • Needs little maintenance – they're referred to as ‘fit and forget’ technology. 

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